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AC Arthritis

The AC (acromioclavicular) joint is a the joint where the collar bone meets the shoulder blade. Arthritis in the AC joint can prevent a person from completing ordinary tasks. Pain of varying levels about this joint at the top of the shoulder and the inability to overhead activity are common symptoms of this AC arthritis.

Having trouble reaching for items that are above your head? The problem may be arthritis in your shoulder’s AC joint. The painful sensation doesn’t have to be your new “normal.” Dr. Rory Dunham can give you the relief you need with a comprehensive treatment plan designed just for you. Don’t live in pain, reach for something better with Dunham Orthopaedics.

AC Arthritis of the Shoulder Joint

Initial symptoms of AC arthritis include pain when reaching for an item on a shelf, desk or table. The simplest act of stretching out the arm  may result in pain in the front of the shoulder. The pain can become more significant over time. Treatments for AC Arthritis can vary based on the significance of the pain.


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