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CMC Arthritis

Degenerative arthritis (osteoarthritis) of the thumb carpo-metacarpal joint (CMC) is a common problem, usually affecting middle-aged women. Arthritis is a condition where the smooth gliding surface (articular cartilage) of a joint becomes worn and degraded. This may ultimately result in a painful and stiff joint.

Painful thumb joints can make simple tasks painful and time consuming. CMC Arthritis is the slow breakdown of the thumb joint and mostly occurs in woman around the age of 50. The good news is that there is treatment for this painful condition. Dunham Orthopaedics can customize a surgical or non-surgical treatment plan that best fits your individual condition. Don’t live a life a pain, contact Dr. Rory Dunham today.

While it is primarily a “wear and tear” process, there are other factors that play a role in degenerative arthritis. These may include previous trauma or injury, repetitive stress over long periods of time, laxity or looseness of the joint secondary to hormones or just the aging process.


Those who suffer from arthritis of the thumb typically complain of pain or an aching feeling at the base of the thumb. These symptoms may be aggravated by the weather, grasping, pinching. Symptoms may be so severe that it wakes you from sleep at night. Other symptoms include weakness, clumsiness and deformity of the thumb.

Surgical and non-surgical treatments can produce very positive results. The most appropriate treatment option can depend on each patient’s individual case.


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