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Ganglion Cyst of the Wrist

A ganglion cyst is a growth found on the top or bottom of the wrist, typically near the wrist joint. They arise from the capsule of a joint or the sheath of a tendon. A ganglion cyst that grows on the top of the wrist is called a dorsal ganglion.

A ganglion cyst contains a thick, clear, mucus-like fluid similar to the fluid found in the joint. The triggers of formation of a ganglion are not always known.

Although the cyst may not pose initial problems, pain can become noticeable if the cyst is too close to the joint and restricts normal movement. Look to Dunham Orthopedics in Oklahoma City to create a customized treatment plan that gets you back in the action.

Initial treatment of a ganglion cyst typically involves avoiding activities which cause pain, oral or topical medications and even splinting. Although surgery is not typically the first step, surgical intervention may be needed to remove the cyst. A procedure called aspiration may be needed to drain the fluid from the cyst.


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