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Trigger Finger

Trigger finger or stenosing tenosynovitis is a condition in which the finger locks or triggers when it is flexed and extended. The condition happens when the tendon is too large for the pulley that it glides through. The tendon becomes irritated and swollen and must squeeze through the pulley and the sheath that covers the tendon. This causes the pain and discomfort in the hand. Discomfort in the hand at the palm and finger and a finger that appears to “lock” or have a “trigger effect” are the main symptoms of Trigger Finger.

Swollen tendons and the inability to properly use your hand can be more than just a painful proposition. It can mean the loss of a job, a position on the team, or time spent with friends and family. Dunham Orthopaedics will get you on a path to relief with a customized treatment plan.

Treatment Options

  • Splinting the finger
  • Medications to reduce swelling
  • Steroid injections

Surgical intervention and a hand therapy program may be needed to ensure a full recovery.


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